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@griculture Online

News and interactive features for farmers and other agriculturalists.
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Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Provides independent producers and processors with critical information for value-added agriculture.
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AVT Biotechnology

Specializes in plant micropropagation products and services. Lists past projects. Based in India. Exports worldwide.
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E.K.Bare & Sons, Inc.

Potato brokerage providing potato procurement, contract management and transportation. Includes company history and photos of products.
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Genetic Identification Services

Developer of custom genetic markers resources, studies and research applications. California.
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Measure Instruments: Measurement and Control

Moisture and temperature meters for grains, cereals, hay bales, feed, forage and soils including monitors to measure moisture of products in continuous processes.
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Pocket Diagnostic

Provides test kits for the field diagnosis of plant diseases. These are easy to use, rapid test kits for diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses in plants.
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Versuchswesen Pflanzenschutz

Private company that carries out contract research into development of new crops and agricultural products. Details of past work and facilities.
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Agricultural storage specialists for potatoes, grain and onions. Supplying both ambient and refrigeration equipment control systems. Full design, installation and service.
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